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Svenska Spel – Annoying pop-up


I always get annoyed when something interupts what I am doing. Recently when I was at Svenska Spel and their bingo I got a pop up while trying to buy bingo tickets for the next round.

I was selecting tickets when a pop up alert saying “It is 30 seconds until the game starts. Don’t forget to buy tickets. Good luck!”. But WHY did I get the pop up when I was already on my way to buy tickets? On top of that I had to click on the little “OK” button to close it. And it took me a few seconds so I missed the chance to buy tickets in time. And after that I left not having played any rounds of bingo.

Not showing an alert would be a much better solution. The system could insted instruct a new player how to buy tickets, a player who have bought tickets many times do not need instructions.


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3 thoughts on “Svenska Spel – Annoying pop-up

  1. Very interesting! I guess that the reason behind it to try to increase the number of users that play…but the design instead could make me miss a game…ahhh the irony of it!

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