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Redesign in 20 minutes (5) – Casino categories

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This week the redesign in 20 minutes is about information architecture (IA), meaning how you organise your content in the best way for your players.

When I visited I noticed that they had a new top navigation item called “New Casino”, this confused me a little. What is the difference between “New Casino” and “Casino”? How will the players know which to select?

A player goes to a gaming portal to play games. Why confuse them by not having a clear path for them to find the games? has three different casinos, “New Casino”, “Casino” and “Live Casino”. So I wouldn’t why I should choose the other over another if I wanted to play Blackjack.

A much better way would be to organise the content under one tab called “Casino” and there have distinct paths for the player and on that page show the different casino options, for instance “Live Casino”, “Download” and “Instant”.

Involve your players when designing your gaming portal and do not organize content after product types.


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4 thoughts on “Redesign in 20 minutes (5) – Casino categories

    • Hi Staffan – thanks for reviewing this. The reason for this is that we launched a new casino with a new provider earlier this year. The old casino will slowly be phased out.

      Br, Joakim, expekt

    • Getting back to your review again, we've now launched a re-design website and the short-term solutions of naming the casinos "a" and "b" are gone and replaced. Happy to hear your comment of our new site!

      • I like the top navigation much better than it was before. Good job! There are a few things in the casino parts that isn't consistent. For instance it is called "Demo play" in one place and "Play For fun" under tain casino. I'd also think you could use the real estate on the casino start page a little bit better. Now you have the same navigation in two places (Instant Games). But maybe I'll redesign that in an upcoming "redesign in 20 minutes" :)

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