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William Hill makes it hard for their players to place bets


William Hill’s start page today.

It is harder than it needs to be to place a bet at William Hill. I believe this is because the layout of is not focused on the player’s goals. The goals for a player is likely to find bets and place bets.

The design is very clean and looks good but I believe the problem is in the placement of the navigation (under Sports).¬†With William Hill’s navigation structure at the top the player has to scroll down to be able to see matches and odds. I just did a little quick modification to the start page, moving everything higher up.


My modification to the start page.

If William Hill wants to make it even easier for players to place bets then they probably should think about redesigning it even more.


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2 thoughts on “William Hill makes it hard for their players to place bets

    • Hi Mike,
      thank you for your reply. The news site looks really good, I like the use of different colors which makes the site more alive.
      The solution for hidding and showing sports looks good as well, it will be interesting to see how it works when used together with placing bets.


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