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Redesign in 20 minutes (11) – PokerStars “Fold” and “Check” buttons


Last night when I played poker on PokerStars I incidentaly hit the “Fold” button when I was going going to “Check”. When I did I got an alert window saying “Checking is free. Are you sure you want to fold?” and then there was two buttons “Check” and “Fold”.

I think there are two things that could be improved here, first the main “Fold” and “Check” buttons at the bottom are “Fold” to the left and “Check” to the right but in the alert window they are the opposite “Check” and then “Fold”. This confused me since I expected to see them in the same order as below.

The second thing is, why have a “Fold” button? Since it won’t cost me anything to check and see another card. Why would I fold?

Removing the “Fold” button would make less players hit the wrong button and they don’t have to think about which button to hit. This will make the game go faster and in the end make more rake for PokerStars.

My redesign


Redesign 1

Redesign suggestion 2

I got a good comment from Matt on why to keep the “Fold” button so here is a suggestion where you keep the “Fold” button but make the alert consistent with the order of the buttons. Thanks for the input Matt!


Redesign 2.


Ps. I wrote a blog post giving PokerStars a design advice back in September. This solution is now implemented. Ds.

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3 thoughts on “Redesign in 20 minutes (11) – PokerStars “Fold” and “Check” buttons

  1. Hi!

    Interesting idea but there is a few times where you might want to fold – even if you can check.

    You could, for example, not want to risk having to show a hand which you have played in a certain way, such as aces or even some rubbish hand that you've made a play on, when you are sure you are beaten to maintain the mystery surrounding your action. Equally, you might want to get out of a hand that you are in to advance your position in a tournament – preferring to let short-stacks in a sit-and-go fight each other rather than risk doubling one or more of them up.

    Maybe this is a case for somehow reducing the focus on the negative action , fold, in favour of the positive action, check. Maybe a smaller button?


    • Hi Matt,

      thanks for your comment. I hadn't thought about the options you talked about. Thanks for brining those to the table. A smaller button or just a link for the "Fold" option would work better then. And to be consistent in the alert, positioning the options in the same way as below. I'll update my post with another version which keeps the "Fold" button.

  2. Yep, really good. Hopefully PokerStars implement this one too!

    I love the idea of taking the focus away from the non-key or non-positive actions on pages to keep users on the 'right' path…

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