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Redesign in 20 minutes (14) – Personalisation in the Full Tilt Poker lobby


I really enjoy playing poker on Full Tilt. They have a good client and lots of tables to play on.

There is lots of interesting stuff both in the client but also on their website. But it is really hard to find it.

So my 20 minutes today is used on redesigning is about promoting more things in the client to help players explore all Fullt Tilt Poker has to offer.

In the image above you see how it looks today. You have one banner and then a message area.

What I’ve done is to use the bottom as another promoting area. Not just for banners but it could be upcoming events, tournaments, promotions and other things that might be interesting for the player. This area would be exceptionally good for personalisation, I recently wrote a blog post in eGaming Review on personalisation. You can find it here in case you’ve missed it.

My redesign


In the example above I’ve selected the Full Tilt Poker Academy, upcoming tournaments and Refer a friend as the personalised content.


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One thought on “Redesign in 20 minutes (14) – Personalisation in the Full Tilt Poker lobby

  1. Nicely done! I am also a big fan of personalization, that is what is going to stand out in the best gaming sites in the future, that the site or client understands your behavior and past use of the site and adopts accordingly, Amazon is usually a good example.

    One thought would be to install a toolbar in the browser that constantly analyze your browser behavior and sites can get information from the toolbar as to what seems to interest this person, for example a news site could show the relevant news items for me on top. It can also give suggestions as "people who are like you also likes this site". Is it too scary and intrusive for people though?

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