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IGE is coming up. What exciting things will we see?


This year’s IGE is just a few weeks away and I’m starting to get excited about the event.┬áIt will be great to find out what will be the next big things in the igaming industry this year.

I believe the following topics (among others) will be very important for igaming companies this year:

  • personalisation
  • social media
  • retention
  • focus on the player
  • prototyping
  • innovation
  • development processes

I’ll be at the IGE all days so if you want to meet up and discuss igaming and user experience. I’m also working on a workshop covering many of the topics above that hopefully will take place in Malta, Gibraltar, London and Stockholm during the spring, please check back here for more details next week or let’s meet at IGE.

Send me and e-mail,, if you want to meet at IGE! See you there!


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