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My initial thoughts from ICEi 2010


This year’s International Gaming Expo (IGE), incorporating ICEi, is over and I’m back home. My reflections from the expo are mixed.

Most positive: I was impressed by Net Entertainment and  Betsoft’s games. The quality in their games is really good. It is especially interesting to see that Betsoft incorporate their controls as a part of the game.

Most negative: The Innovative Showcase (it was a new addition addition to IGE 2010 that gave exhibitors the opportunity to present to IGE visitors) was a major dissapointment! Many of the presenters didn’t even show up for their presentations, and the quality of the rest weren’t that good. If I was given the chance to talk infront of people in the gaming industry then I would do my best to give an entertaining talk that the attendees would remember.

The lack of new innovative products was also disappointing, and also that many products are so very similar. For instance bingo software looks almost identical no matter who is the software provider.

It was apparent that live casino products were more visible this year, for instance Sportingbet just signed a live casino deal with Evolution Gaming.

I was very surprised to see (or not see) that no one had any portal products. I believe that the portals will be extremely important really soon. Why not focus on the player experience from right when a player logs in and personalize the player experience!

Gaming Portals of the Future Workshop

This spring I’ll run a 1-day workshop about the next generation gaming portals. It will be very hands on giving you ideas and new ways to think when it comes to your gaming portal.

The agenda will include the following topics:

  • User Experience & Agile development
  • Prototyping the User Experience
  • Conversion/Retention
  • Personalisation: Gaming Portal 2.0
  • Social Media: Gaming Portal 3.0

The workshop will take place in 4 different locations, Malta, Gibraltar, London and Stockholm. There will be 10-20 available seats for each location. I’m working on the dates right now, so send me and e-mail if you’d like to be informed when everything is ready. Mail me at and I’ll add you to my mailing list.


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3 thoughts on “My initial thoughts from ICEi 2010

  1. Hi Staffan
    Very interesting reflections. I never made it out of our booth, but I spoke to several colleagues who were also quite disappointed by the infrequent show-up for the Innovation Showcase.

    Not that I'm trying to be overly self-promoting, but I think actually you would have found our demo both quite interesting and in line with the workshop outline you draft in this post. We've also got a whitepaper on online gaming communities available at our company website (

    We've got 10 years of experience doing casual multiplayer games, and at least a couple of years of experience as a provider of online communities. It's our experience that the coupling of these two aspects wield a very powerful tool for increasing brand loyalty and user retention.

    A demo is available at, I'd be happy to create a test account for you if you'd like that?

  2. Hi, a comment on the "where is the online portal software?"

    As previously working for a gaming software developing company I can say that I then did not understand the importance of the portal, we focused completely on the casino/poker/etc games and not the portal itself. Now, when working for an operator we see this as a huge asset and as a profound part of the player entertainment and that it is very important for conversions, making players play more etc. etc. So, software developing companies, build a very good platform tool, a great CMS with personalization, A/B testing, automatic choosing of most popular games for different markets, etc. etc.

    • Hi,
      thanks for your comment.

      I am really surprised that software developing companies haven't been building platforms and services making it easier for operators to add content to their portals. I still haven't seen any gaming portal having done a decent job when it comes to personalisation. Personalisation is one topic I will cover in my one-day workshop "Gaming Portals of the Future", ” target=”_blank”>

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