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Is having a live presenter the next thing in bingo?


I wrote about bingo back in the beginning of december, Why do all bingo clients look the same? Where are the innovations?, but there are a few companies doing some innovations.

We have seen Live Casinos (where you play online against a real dealer) for a while and now it is showing up in bingo clients as well. One company doing this is Atac Media.

I think having a real person calling out the numbers will be more fun. The problem is that I couldn’t try it out. The bingo opens at 9 am (GMT), so you can’t play 24 hours a day.

I’ll try it out later today and see how it works.


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One thought on “Is having a live presenter the next thing in bingo?

  1. How did you like it? I think it’s great move. For operator there are many other considerations like speed of play, latency etc. I can see from my own experience that live is a great for users who wants to see real results. In many asian countries it is very important to show real draws. Some gamers don’t play anything else. And live bingo is on rise. Is this innovation? Not really…

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