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Redesign in 20 minutes (20) – Register for Sit & Go Tournaments at Full Tilt Poker

I enjoy playing Sit & Go Tournaments and I do it on a few different poker sites, Full Tilt and PokerStars are among the ones I visit the most.

One thing that annoys me big time is when the tournament gets full just when I try to register for it. In this redesign I’ll make a change to the registration flow to make it faster and easier which hopefully makes a player start playing faster. Which in the end means more rake for the operator.

In this redesign I am using Full Tilt in my redesign sketches but the solution looks similar for most poker sites.


Image 1. Task flow when player wants to sign up for a Sit & Go Tournament at Full Tilt Poker

Today when you want to register for a Sit & Go Tournament go through a number of steps and open up a number of new windows as well, as you can see in image 1.

So the registration process takes a few seconds to many and while I am trying to register another player might already have taken the last seat.

Redesign Suggestion

Image 2. My redesign suggestion

The one thing I want to do when I select a tournament is to register for it! So in my suggestion it works like this:

  1. You click on the tournament of interest
  2. The tournament details expand and there is a “Register” button right there. And if you have Tournament Dollars that can be used for this tournament then that button is shown too. There is also a link “Go to Tournament Lobby” in case I want to get more tournament details.

This is my 20 minutes take on how it could work instead of today’s solution. What do you think?


ps. you can read all the old Redesigns here ds.

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