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Use KPI’s to increase player experience!

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) give you valuable information!

An example is the conversion rate from registered players to players who have do a first deposit. If the conversion rate is high then everything is fine, but if you have a really low conversion then you need to look deeper into the reason for why the numbers are so low.

It can be anything from having a difficult user flow for register and deposit to not letting the player know why he should make a deposit. Guiding the player all the way through the process is really important and something that is very often overlooked.

There are many KPIs that can inform you how your business is doing from a user experience point of view and using there KPI’s to find opportunities to increase the user experience is important.

If you don’t use KPIs yet then it is time to start!

Using KPIs will also be a great way to show how important the user experience is and how small modifications can increase the KPIs.


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2 thoughts on “Use KPI’s to increase player experience!

  1. KPIs! Fun topic!

    While figuring out meaningful KPIs and how to measure them is vital in order to optimize business and help with things like prioritization; KPIs, at least in my experience, are way, way, way overused IMHO.

    This is because not only are they used to measure the quality of something (like a flow) but they are also used ot set targets for the same flow.

    When targets come in the form of KPIs you can often kiss any hope of a user experience centered development goodbye because you are no longer driving business based on solving user experience related issues. You are trying to reach numbers that may or may not be solvable through improvements in UI. So people not really into UI (like many managers) lose focus.

    This is my experience anyway.

    In my world targets should alwasy be phrased like “It should take less than one minute and five cliks to register AND make a deposit” and then you measure the success (or the validity of) that target via KPIs.

    • Hi Kim,
      thanks for your reply.

      I agree that using KPIs can be difficult. And when it comes to KPIs and ux you can only make ux accountable for what are related to ux. At inUse we have a method called Effect Mapping that takes that into account.

      The big thing is that design need to help the business achieve their goals. Goals are often measured in financial terms but can also be based on results from a usability test, a survey or in completion rate.

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