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Great talk about gamification outside the igaming industry

This is a great talk about future of game design and gamification by Jesse Schell at D.I.C.E 2010.

I believe that gamification will be a very important part of the igaming industry the next coming years so it is time for igaming companies to start to look at the whole player experience and not just offer a portal with games.

You need to build a great player experience because players will start to expect it!


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One thought on “Great talk about gamification outside the igaming industry

  1. Hey Staffan,

    That presentation is not supposed to be spread. It’s too valuable. Please remove it. :-)

    Although gamification, I think, is saturated quickly (the alternative is a bit too depressing) it’s power when put to goood use in the right context is mind-numbing.

    A bit embarassing that the world has started to discuss how to gamify everything, when we struggle to get this industry to start discussing how to gamify our games.

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