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Next generation igaming portals should be responsive and built in HTML5!

How well do igaming portals adapt to new technologies?

HTML5 and Responsive Web Design have been buzzwords for a while now and it is amazing that we still see many portals still using Flash technology when they could use HTML5 instead. Why build a sportsbook in Flash when you can make it in HTML5 and get it to work on more devices than just their regular website.

I still haven’t seen a portal that is responsive (if you have any examples then please let me know). Responsive Web Design is a way of modifying the layout of your portal depending on the device accessing it. So I strongly believe that HTML5 and Responsive Web Design is a perfect match for most sportsbook operators. Build once and run it on most devices.

By doing your portal responsive you make your players a service as well. They will know your portal and how to interact with it no matter the device they use.

I hope that many gaming portals out there are building new responsive portals using HTML5 as we speak!


Ps. If you need help designing and building a responsive portal in HTML5 then let me know, we at inUse are really good at it! ;) Ds.


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