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Details are important! Unibet makes a few mistakes in their TV-advert

Last week I wrote a blog post about Unibet’s new poker software, and it was interesting to read that Unibet is pushing really hard for their poker product in the UK. If I were responsible for the poker product at Unibet I would have done it a little bit differently.


Here are there things I would have done: differently:

  1. Launch a poker product that works on more than one plattform.
  2. I would wait to make a major advertising campaign until the product works on a few different plattforms.
  3. I would not use devices/references in the advert which players can not play on.


Image 1. An Apple computer is used in the advert


Image 2. A reference “Available in the App Store” is used

The poker ad can be viewed on YouTube,



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